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to make the case for u.s. involvement,. this comes as libyan rebels resume their offensive. they advanced 350 miles this weekend and retook two key oil towns. military missions are mostly completed according to u.s. officials. >> we prevented the large-scale slaughter that was beginning to take place and has taken place in some places. >> on one hand they say it's humanitarian and on the other they say gaddafi must go. >> defense secretary gates and secretary of state clinton will be brief congress on the u.s. mission in libya and the cost. the president will speak tonight at 7:00 -- 7:30 on abc 7 news. >>> monday. the crisis at the crippled nuclear power plant may be getting worse. japanese officials say highly radioactive iodine is seeping from the facility. contaminated sea water is being found farther from the plant. they are pumping hundreds of tons of radioactive water. now the plant operators are apologizing for overstating radio -- radiation levels inside the reactors. >>> 32 years ago today the u.s. suffered its worst nuclear crisis, three mile island nuclear plant in pennsylvani
part of the country. gaddafi says thousands could die if the u.s. or nato steps in. the international criminal court is investigating the situation. >>> in germany, two u.s. airmen are dead and two others injured after a long gun and opened fire at a frankfurt airport wednesday afternoon after the suspect argued with several members of the u.s. air force. the suspected gunman is a 21- year-old moslem from kosovo. german authorities are investigating possible links to terrorism. president obama called this an outrageous act. the victims of not been identified. >>> online document is on the rise. and honda recalls 39,000 cars in the u.s. caption: linda bell has more. the employment index that measures on our job demand rose in february from january. the d.c. area recorded positive annual growth last marks. online.demand grew in the d.c. area, but it still reported the second lowest of nine great year over year, coming in above baltimore. administration officials launched a campaign to preserve as much as they can of $50 million in foreclosure prevention a former owners. this comes amid
>>> tonight on "world news," question sell it? president obama tells americans why he is risking u.s. fighters and all those billions of dollars in libya. >>> women versus walmart. the nation's biggest employer heads to a showdown in the nation's top court and the subject is sex discrimination. >>> curing diabetes? could surgery -- look at this woman before and now this woman after. could surgery work for 14 million obese americans with type ii of the disease. >>> and seven years old and sexy? a big company selling push-up bikinis for little girls as a lot of americans are wising up today to say it's time to draw the line. >>> good evening and thank you for joining us this monday. in less than one hour the president will take to the airwaves to try to convince americans that it was the right decision for the u.s. to be part of the allied fight in libya. a third battle front for the united states. with a lot of military force on the line and costing possibly billions. our jake tapper is standing by in the hall where the president is about to arrive at the national defense university i
are urged to purchase and water after radiation has been found in the tap water. in the u.s., data crunched by bloomberg shows dealing with fire prevention and safety issues could cost the u.s. nuclear industry $8 billion. toyota gearing up to restart production of the toyota prius. it expects assembly interruptions in the u.s. because of the aftereffects of the march 11 earthquake. stock-index futures are little changed right now. that is business news. at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:38. it's 41 degrees. >> still to come we will have a revised forecast. this one is for the cherry blossoms. we will tell you when the trees will reach their peak bloom. >> the aftermath of a powerful spring storm. what caused part of a busy highway to collapse. >> lisa baden as another check of your thursday morning commut blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. >>> th
of the skies. so what's next for u.s. forces and what will gadhafi do now? >>> radiation in food from japan. >> fukushima fresh vegetables. >> we do our own tests. >>> and an american family after ten days of hope learns their daughter was lost trying to save others. >>> men, women and jobs. which sex is getting 90% of the new jobs and why? >>> and sibling secrets. are you an older or younger sibling? news by which order gives you an edge in health and happiness. >>> good evening, as we come on the air tonight beginning this week together the united states is still in the middle of an international assault on moammar gadhafi's libya. but the battle is moving at breakneck speed. it is called "operation odyssey dawn" and as of tonight the skies are clear. gadhafi's forces have come to a halt though there are still big questions. how soon can the u.s. hand over the lead to other countries? who are these libyan rebels and are we even on the same side? and what is next? will gadhafi fold or could this go on for years? we have team coverage from washington to libya beginning with martha raddatz o
. but as president obama leads the u.s. into a third war in a muslim country, many wonder who exactly are we fighting for? we'll take you on a journey to a rebel stronghold for answers. >>> nuclear reality check. it's in the air, it's in the food, it's in the ocean. the fallout from japan's atomic catastrophe. do we know how far the radiation is spreading? what you need to know. >>> and the best kiss. this one was good. that one wasn't bad but no two hollywood smooches are alike. what was the greatest of all, the results next. >>> good evening, i'm bill weir. missiles and muzzle fire are lighting up the north african sky tonight as america and her allies continue to destroy the defenses of moammar gadhafi. the mission, according to president obama, was to stop the libyan dictate they are slaughtering more of his own people, but getting rid of gadhafi, not our job. for the moment, that task is still in the hands of a ragged group of rebels, and with more american blood and treasure on the line alexander markardt set out to find out. >> reporter: hundreds of cruise missile attacks against military post
residents are dealing with a damaged left behind. >>> the u.s. formally handed over command of military operations in libya but today there are reports that cia operatives are on the ground there. pamela brown is following this for us and is alive in our satellite center. >> defense secretary robert gates said today that american involvement is winding down now that nato has taken over, but questions about the future of the country remain. rebels launched a series of rocket attacks on the frontlines between two key cities. they were beaten back by gaddafi forces. >> he has command and control communications, a lot of which the opposition does not have. >> abc sources said on wednesday president obama signed a secret presidential finding allowing cia operatives to provide support to the rebels in eastern libya. lawmakers in washington remain divided over america's engagement in libya. >> this is the most model definition of an operation probably in u.s. history. >> i think the president has been quite clear in terms of what the military mission is. and that's one of the reasons why we ca
. >> in an overwhelming majority, the u.s. supreme court has ruled that a fundamentalist churches with anti-gay messages that protests outside military generals arc -- military funerals are protected under the first amendment. snyder died in a non-combat related vehicle accident in iraq. they picketed outside his md. funeral in 2006. the marines father reacted to the high court's decision. >> we found out today that we can no longer bury our dead in the cemetery with dignity. >> the kansas based church has protested outside hundreds of military funerals. he filed a lawsuit accusing the church of the intensely inflicting emotional distress. the marines father initially won a multimillion-dollar settlement, which was brought out on appeal. the lawyer for the church said, that they expected this outcome. >> this is a victory for the first amendment. >> his father showed frustration that the supreme court's will never have to deal with what many grieving military families will now face in the future. >> these justices do not have to worry about this because the westboro baptist church will never get anywher
the victim of a robbery. >>> president obama will make his case tonight about the u.s. role in libya. >> nato is ready to take the helm. the libyan rebels are on the offensive now. >> president obama plans to address the nation tonight about libya. expected to say that the u.s. acted quickly to avoid catastrophe. libyan rebels will say it made a difference. doubles the advanced 350 miles on the weekend. a march toward tripoli that includes the hometown of gaddafi. the rebels tried this before, but they were pushed back. now they have the backing of nato, which announced yesterday it is taking over coalition military operations. >> nato will command all aspects of the u.n. resolution. >> nato's increased role means the u.s. hand over of control. defense secretary gates says the military missions are to a large extent completed. >> we have prevented the large- scale slaughter that was beginning to take place and has taken place in some places. >> critics say the administration has given mixed messages. >> on one hand they say is humanitarian and on the other they say gaddafi must go. >> gaddafi
the details. obama >>> president the nation for the first the u.s. bombed libya to stop muammar gaddafi from attacking his own people. a failure to act would have a betrayal of who we are as he said., this speech comes amid criticism democrats and republicans. john has more on what is next for the white house. >> secretary of state hillary in london withet opposition and from 30 nations. failing to intervene in libya left the world watching and at the humanitarian disaster unfold. >> the people have been ruled by tyrant, muammar gaddafi. e has exploited their guelph, opponents at home and abroad and terrorize innocent people. >> it went on for a year in bosnia before the world responded. >> tonight we have stopped the deadly attacks. >> hours earlier rebels recaptured crucial territory. the president said he fulfilled promises and no ground troops. nato takes over on wednesday. >>for those who doubted our capacity to take care of this the u.s. has done said we would do. >> he pushed back who said the goal should go beyond the e of protecting civilians. >> broadening our missions include regi
leading the air assault on libyan air defense and assets on the ground, the u.s. will pull back and hand over command and control to someone. when? >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks. >> reporter: the u.s. role will then shift to providing logistical support while the uk, france, italy and other countries enforce the no-fly zone. but no one will say how long that will last. >> i wouldn't speculate in terms of length at this particular point in time. >> reporter: after all, the no-fly zone over iraq ended from the end of gulf war i to the beginning of gulf war ii, 11 years. >>> there is now growing international disagreement over the u.s.-led attacks. norway with drew its planes because it was unsure about which country was in charge. meanwhile, russian prime minister vladimir putin railed against the air strikes as outside meddling, saying it is, quote, reminiscent of a medieval call for a crusade when someone called on others to go and liberate something. >>> and be sure to stay with abc news all day as we continue our c
will the u.s. lead the quest to crush gadhafi's forces? >>> severe spring weather. one of california's biggest rainmaker ever. spawning blizzards and tornadoes across the country. >>> and dancing debut. kirstie alley, even the karate kid, make their quest for the mirrorball trophy. >>> good morning. the no-fly zone in libya appears easier to enforce this morning after another round of military might. >> here, now, are the latest developments from libya. u.s.-led air strikes lit up the skies over tripoli for a third night. >> but the american military commanders are looking to hand over control of this operation as soon as possible. >> president obama says, while moammar gadhafi needs to go, the libyan leader is not the target of the air strikes. emily schmidt begins our coverage this morning in washington. good morning, emily. >> reporter: rob and peggy, good morning to you. moammar gadhafi has kept an uncharacteristically low profile the last couple of days. no signs of him amidst all the signs of an expanding no-fly zone. for yet another day, coalition forces are targeting libya. a
shipped to el salvador today. he will deal with sensitive u.s. policy is used like immigration, narcotics, and gun trafficking. last night the president of chile hosted a dinner for the president and mrs. obama. mr. obama called for a new partnership between u.s. and latin america. >>> collisions strikes continue targeting gaddafi's forces in libya. u.s. military officials say the assault on libyan air defenses have been successful and that the no-fly zone will be extended. emily schmidt has been tracking the latest developments overnight and has the latest. >> good morning. moammar gaddafi has kept a low profile the past couple days, no signs of him amid all the signs of a no-fly zone expanding. this isn't the fourth day after three nights of coalition forces targeting libya. they have gained control of libyan airspace over the eastern part of the country. now the focus is expanding towards the capital of tripoli. the u.s. continues to say that gaddafi himself is not a target. president obama yesterday said that he has called for gaddafi to step down, but the military action is solely ai
the case for u.s. involvement. his speech comes as libyan rebels resume their offensive. they advanced 350 miles this past weekend and recaptured two key oil sounds. u.s. officials say militau.s. military actions are mostly over. >> i think we prevented the large-scale slaughter that was beginning to take place and has taken place in some places. >> on one hand they say it is humanitarian and on the other they say gaddafi must go. >> this weekend the defense secretary and the secretary of state will brief congress on the mission and its cost. president's speech is tonight at 7:30 on abc 7. >>> the crisis in japan at the nuclear power plant may be getting worse. officials say highly radioactive iodine is seeping from the facility and contaminated the water is being found farther from the plant now. the crews are pumping out hundreds of tons of radioactive water. the plant's operators are apologizing for overstating radiation levels inside the reactors. >>> 32 years ago today the u.s. suffered its worst nuclear crisis. that was at three mile island nuclear plant in pennsylvania. >> the disas
>>> making news in america this morning. >> president obama gets ready to make his case for the u.s. role in libya. today's speech to the nation comes as libyan rebels go on the offensive. >>> japan rattled by another earthquake as the credibility gap widens in confusing statements about that criminalled nuclear plant. >>> and back here at home the final four bound. virginia commonwealth gets ready for another wild week after another march madness stunner. >>> good morning. we begin with libya where rebel forces are advancing on the capital tripoli this morning. >> and there's an unconfirmed report they've already taken moammar gadhafi's hometown which is a government stronghold, the rebels are benefitting from the air strikes by the international coalition. >> and tonight, president obama tells the american people why the u.s. thread effort. abc's emily schmidt joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: peggy and rob good morning to you. this is now day ten of the no-fly zone over libya. president obama plans to address the nation tonight about libya. he's expected to say the u
values. he argued last night that the u.s.-led coalition helped to avert a massacre that would have "stained the contents of the world." the alliance against gaddafi has made significant gains. rebels have recaptured nearly all the ground they lost and are closing in on the home town of gaddafi. the president emphasized that these gains have come at a relatively low-cost. the u.s. has not gone into this along. so the progress has come without u.s. ground troops and with a full transfer of power to nato tomorrow. the president stopped short of supporting a forceful removal of adopted, which has become a point of contention with republicans. >> now we are fighting on the side of the anti-gaddafi rebels. we are paving the way for them. we should acknowledge that. >> the president has found himself all along caught between those saying that he has not done enough and those that have said he has done too much. hillary clinton is in london today with international leaders to explore other options such as financial. >>> the situation at the crippled japanese nuclear power plant is being de
week." u.s. and allied bombs and missiles hammer libyan targets. the rebels gain ground. and the president prepares to make his pitch to the american people. >> it's u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. >> what if gadhafi stays? just back from the middle east, defense secretary robert gates and secretary of state hillary clinton come to "this week" for the first interviews since the attacks began to make the president's case. what does victory look like? can it be achieved? and at what cost? >>> then -- >> i don't have any regrets at all. >> what would donald rumsfeld do in a third war. and he'll respond to critics who say he's been rewriting history. >>> and george will and the "roundtable" will debate the libyan mission, the president's message. and why one hopeful is having a tough time agreeing with himself. >> announcer: live from the newseum. "this week" with christiane amanpour starts now. >> good morning, i'm jake tapper. christiane is off today. >>> some major developments in libya. rebel forces have scored a key victory taking back the oil town of brega in the
to explain to his supporters and critics by libya is important to u.s. national security. the president was that a multicultural school in the northwest today when riot that he was asked why he was spending money in libya when the school spending is lagging. libya was not what he wanted to focus on today. >> i will be addressing this issue tonight and i have already addressed that on several occasions including on your program. our involvement is going to be limited, both in time and scope. >> voters say they need a president to better explain the u.s. involvement. >> i want to hear from him why he feels is necessary to send troops over there. >> we are still boosting military spending but cutting all of these important programs, so i feel it is a problem. >> as the fights ray john, there are complaints from republicans and some democrats -- as the fighting rages on, there are complaints. on the ground, rebels are cheering. gaining strength that thanks to the air strikes by coalition forces. after losing ground last week, the rebels are dancing. a spokesman for the opposition says they'
today, and alleged gunman is in custody 24 hours after the attack that left two u.s. troops dead and another two wounded. the suspect opened fire and a bus full of air men outside the frankfurt airport and there are new signs that terrorism was the reason behind it. >> authorities say the gunmen who was a muslim rates in germany has confessed to an act of terror, her assault on friendly soil. >> i am saddened and outraged by this attack. we will spare no effort in learning how this outrageous act took place. >> the bullet that killed the driver came through this window, striking a bus carrying more than one dozen u.s. air man coming from an airbase in england and route to ramstein airbase in germany. authorities say the gunman pulled out a semi-automatic weapon and began firing over and over shouting god is great in arabic. the shooter got off nine rounds killing two arabs and critically wounding two others. one is gun jammed, the gunmen made his way to the terminal but was tackled by a u.s. airman and german police. >> german chancellor angela merkel said she is dismayed and pro
. >>> and now, we turn to the u.s. fighting forces in libya. and the strongest signal sent today by president obama that is u.s. is ready to turn the lead over to other nations. jake tapper is tackling the issue of does that mean united states troops will be out of harm's way? jake? >> reporter: speaker of the house john boehner sent a letter to president obama demanding to know when the u.s. is going to hand over command and control to that international coalition. the truth is, diane, the white house does not have an answer. they'd like to do it by the end of this week, but it's unclear that will happen. president obama is quiet eager to hand over command and control to the international coalition. >> the exit strategy will be executed this week, in the sense that we will be pulling back from our much more active efforts to shape the environment. we'll still be in a support role. >> reporter: that support role, supplying, jamming, intelligence, is not an exit strategy. it's still a huge commitment, though it would be significantly less than this initial phase in which the u.s. is carrying t
for the u.s. to hand over a huge part of that bold operation over libya. and tonight, an abc news exclusive. martha raddatz with extraordinary access. behind me, you're looking at the "usskearsarge." martha spending hours on board with the american commander. tonight, the latest on these new u.s. plans to hand over partial control and she has ne details about the rescue of those u.s. pilots ejecting from 22,000 feet and tough questions for the commander. will this operation be a success in the end? martha landed back at a u.s. base in italy just a short time ago and has the latest. >> reporter: good evening, david. there are a lot of details to be worked out about that nato plan, but we did spend a remarkable day jumping from warship to warship with the man currently in charge. general carter ham took charge of africa command on march 9th. ten days later, he was at war. and now, he is here, in the middle of the fight, touring the u.s. warships off the coast in libya. he brought the sailors and marines some encouragement from their commander in chief -- >> he said, how are the attacks going?
. the first job that he has had in the u.s. since moving here from sri lanka six months ago. this comes just days after 81- year-old nazir ahmed was found dead in his home. the man known to many as uncle nazir was also murdered. police want to know whether the two incidents may be connected. they happened just days apart from one another. they are looking at the villains video now from cameras in the area near the incident. they are running ballistics tests to see if the same weapon was used in both of these incidents. they are looking for an older model based toyota camry. they saw that vehicle leaving the area near the scene of the monday. police are trying to determine whether or not these two cases might be related. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >>> our other top story this morning, a d.c. family's desperate search for missing mother is over. emily hershenson was last seen monday morning shortly after leaving her adams morgan home. police found her this morning on the national mall. she is said to be in good condition. >>> libyan leader moammar gaddafi made his first appear
boehner instead wants the ceremony at arlington national cemetery. the bodies of prominent u.s. citizens like rosa parks have been displayed in the capitol rotunda. his funeral is scheduled march 15. >>> a virginia teenage girl attacked a teacher in the classroom. a 17-year-old high school students punched the teacher several times in the face tuesday afternoon. criminal charges are pending against the student. the school district says the girl also faces long-term suspension or even expulsion. >>> metro passengers will brace for more sat down sand delays this weekend. the agency is getting to work on the orange, blue, and red lines. mike conneen joins us from new carrollton with what it means for passengers. >> it is complying with recommendations for the ntsb. passengers will use free shuttle buses available this weekend. metro is telling them to add an extra 40 minutes to their weekend commute. >> i don't have a car. >> it is another weekend, another round of metro track maintenance. >> i will have to pick up my >> 10:00 p.m. tonight through sunday night, the orange line is closed fro
. sky scrapers built on springs. it was still devastating. today, scientists in the u.s. say we're unprepared. >> a number of cities are at risk. boston, new york city, charlesson. >> reporter: it's not just california. the most dangerous zone is in the middle of the country. the last big one here was in 1895. and when, not if, when it happens, millions will be left homeless. >> it's a hard, cold slap slab that allows the energy to travel. in california, energy dissipates quicker. >> reporter: jerry is a geologist in memphis. he shows us cities that would not make it. >> in areas that may receive the most damage, you would expect that those fire department buildings may not be operational. >> reporter: the scientists suggest we test early warning systems. they are pushing for more aggressive building codes. and new rules to reinforce our oldest buildings. >> the you look at haiti, chile, christchurch and how to japan, the question would why aren't we getting ready. >> reporter: they're hoping that everyone takes them seriously. >> thanks, steve. >>> as the country weighs how to
. their wounds appear to be non- threatening. >>> u.s. park police need your help as they searched for suspects who robbed a man along the national mall last night near the capital garden at the smithsonian institution building. that is in texas and street southwest. two masked men went through the victim's pockets, but fled without taking anything. the victim was hospitalized with minor injuries. >>> president obama takes his case for military action in libya on the road today. he will make a speech later today in new york. >> last night the president defended his tauruses and announced nato will take over the lead role tomorrow. emily schmidt. has schmidt >> president obama explaining the u.s. involvement in libya he said it was the right thing to do. >> the u.s. and the world faced a choice. gaddafi declared that he would show no mercy to his own people. it was not in our national interest to lack that happen. i refused to back that happen. >> mr. obama said in 10 days the coalition stopped gaddafi's advance, doing so without the u.s. ground troops and with a full transfer of power to nato t
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> the u.s. gets ready to hand off the mission in libya, after president obama makes his case to the nation, that military intervention was necessary. >>> from california, a sliding hillside puts homes in danger. families told to get out before their houses tumbled down. >>> and the drastic measures taken by one teen who wanted a new car. wait until you hear what she did to get it. >>> and good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us today. president obama takes his case for military action against libya on the road today. it will be part of a major speech that mr. obama gives later today. >> right here in new york. >> and last night, the president spoke to the nation to defend his choices and also to announce that nato will take over the lead role tomorrow. emily schmidt is joining us from washington with all the details. good morning, emily. >> reporter: peggy and rob, good morning to you. before president obama used the word libya last night, he said the words international effort. and he said the world had had a responsibility to a
that targets protests organized by the westboro baptist church. last week the supreme court of the u.s. would that the protests are permitted under the first amendment. >>> there are more calls now for military action as libyan leader moammar gaddafi continues his brutal crackdown on anti- government protesters. nato is increasing surveillance flights over libya as it decides whether to impose a no-fly zone. u.n. security council members are working on a resolution that would establish such a zone. >>> interesting findings regarding the pay gap between men and women. >> and oil pressure is hurting the airline industry. linda bell has bloomberg news. >> crude oil prices are falling back a little, littleoil continues -- but oil continues to put pressure on airlines. continental may have to get rid of airplanes that are not as fuel-efficient. delta and united also will be if trimming airplanes. employment services company manpower says more u.s. companies plan to add more workers as soon as this spring. federal, state, and federal employmental is expected to grow. it will take another 45 years t
, whether the u.s. should help the rebels by providing them with weapons. emily schmidt has the latest. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning to you. president obama says he is looking at all options to support the rebels. but when members of the international diplomatic community met in london and had a chance to talk about it, one member said the talk of arming rebels didn't come up. with nato set to take command of military operation, president obama says moammar gadhafi is feeling the pressure. >> the circle around gadhafi understands that the noose is tightening. their days are probably numbered. >> reporter: diplomats from more than three dozen countries met in london yesterday, to discuss libya in a potential post-gadhafi era. >> we must help people plan for their future after the conflict is over. >> reporter: but forces loyal to gadhafi are pushing back rebels from ground they just gained. diplomats say they did not discuss arming the rebels. though, the idea is up for debate. >> there could be a legitimate transfer of arms if i country would choose to do that. >> we are th
that they will not recommend that. >>> a gunman opened fire on u.s. troops have at the airport in frankfurt, germany. two endive and two others wounded. >> a man from kosovo is in custody. president obama dollars to get justice. emily schmidt has more on this. >> good morning. we are still waiting to learn the names of those two killed in yesterday's attack. a military says they were about to be deployed to help oversee -- for support in an overseas mission. the attack happened just outside the international terminal in frankfurt. a dozen enforce security personnel had arrived on their way to the u.s. base in germany. law enforcement says the alleged gunman walked up to their bus, began arguing, pulled out a semi-automatic weapon and shouted the arabic words for "to god is great." two air and were dead and two others wounded. the emigre and the the man while outcontinued to shell ou "jihad." we are told he is a devout muslim. his relatives in kosovo cannot imagine this happened. they say that americans are their brothers. president obama made an unexpected appearance today the white house press briefing
. >> punyasara gedara was walking home from the subway where he works, his first job in the u.s. since he moved from sri lanka six months ago. >> he did not have any money. if it were robert, i would be skeptical of that. -- if it were robbery. >> the guy was lying there and bleeding in the face. it is a shame. >> police say this elderly man was also murdered. this has happened twice in less than a week. >> it just does not happen here. this is shocking in bethesda. >> john gonzales,. abc,. >>> a former lululemon employee is criticizing the company's security practices. she says the policy of allowing employees to police each other is irresponsible. brittany norwood killed jayna murray earlier this month after murray allegedly found stolen merchandise in her bag. all lululemon spokesperson would not comment. >>> we are hearing from the family of a virginia teacher killed in the disaster in japan. anderson won was originally from the richmond area. she is the coast north american victim of the march 11 quake and tsunami -- she is the first no known american victim. she was teaching at a city 240
this is strictly a humanitarian mission. he does -- that was emphasized by the u.s. commander in africa. >> our actions are focused on extending the no-fly zones half -- southward and then westward with the growing capabilities of the coalition. >> some say this is a civil war and not a threat to u.s. security. overseas visiting israel, sarah palin fault the president for what she called dithering and delay. >> he waited too long. no doubt in my mind. but now it is what it is and we need now to support him. >> president obama defended the lead in the attacks. >> there are different phases to the campaign. in the initial campaign, we took a larger role because we have the capabilities, like our ability to take out their systems. >> so far qatar is the only arab league member to be involved. but the administration says they cannot disclose all members because some could face the enemies wrath. >>> 4 "new york times" journalists captured last week are free to night. the staffers reporters at one photographer were released today and are now at the turkish embassy in libya which released
of the biggest headlines and the pressure is mounting. u.s. ships and submarines unleashed eight impressive brajah of missiles. amid those renewed efforts to end this conflict quickly. >> what at times looked like a ragtag band of rebels is getting more serious backing. leaders from 40 countries met in london today and many agree it is time to get rid of gaddafi. >> a new beginning is within our grasp and we must help them to seize it. >> while outside demonstrators begged for continued intervention. secretary clinton met twice with a representative. >> we cannot and must not attempt to impose our will on the people of libya. we can and must stand with them as they determine their own destiny. >> more u.s. and nato military action. 22 u.s. missiles launched just today. your home, there were calls for clear-cut goals. not a long term standoff. >> we want him gone. whether it is to live with chavez or hitler and stalin. he should be in a criminal court. >> gadhafi should leave libya. >> what it means for the country is unknown. would democracy take hold? leaders say they do not know enough ab
own people? >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says that moammar gaddafi is disconnected from its people. >> he is delusional. >> the u.s. treasury department has frozen $30 billion in libyan assets and u.s. forces are moving closer to the country. >> he has lost the legitimacy to govern and it's time for him to go off without further violence or the lead. >> the u.n. says is too dangerous for international aid agencies to assess the needs in libya. they could deliver supplies into neighboring tunisia to melt brevities -- to help refugees. he claims that he's been betrayed by the u.s. because he says president obama is misinformed. >>> the libyan embassy in washington today will raise a flag used before the leader took power in 1959. -- 1969. the state department replaced its ambassador to the u.n. after he said he supported the protesters. >>> there's a of alert for the metro region. an airline passenger who contract to the measles may have come into contact with people in the district. the woman are not at dulles airport october 820 and left the region through bwi marsh
of the earthquake in japan ford is limiteding production of vehicles in red and in black. the u.s. post office is closing seven district offices. we don't know if they are going to do away with saturday delivery. a study shows menthol cigarette smokers feel plies' addicted. once to the menthol and wants to the tobacco -- they feel twice addicted, especially african americans. that is business news at bloomberg headquarters, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:34 on this friday mourned 33 degrees. it is cold. >> and the official start to the cherry blossom festival this weekend and road closures you need to know about. >> congresswoman gabrielle giffords moves forward on her road to recovery. coming up, steps that she has just taken and her plans to attend her husband's space shuttle launch. >> stay with us. blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. >>> welcome back. a construction worker died aft
-fly zone? -- how long will nato be there? there is a deployment to the libyan coast at for u.s. troops that could last a year. >> we will keep applying pressure and hopefully he will get the message soon. >> president obama laid out five criteria that justify u.s. involvement in libya but he will not say if those same criteria would apply to other countries. >>> new problems are arising as crews tried to stabilize the crippled nuclear power plant in japan. three workers were drenched with radioactive water despite wearing waterproof suits. the seawater is thousands of times higher than normal. >>> with housing still weighing on the economic turnaround, a program to help troubled homers is getting killed on capitol hill. -- troubled homeowners. >> linda bell has more. >> the house of representatives voted to end another housing program backed by the obama administration. this one is the home affordable modification program, designed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure by paying banks and mortgage servicers to modify monthly payments. although it permanently modified more than half a mi
up in the u.s. milk supply. exactly how much? is it completely safe? we take you inside the laboratory to see for yourself. >>> tornado fury. violent twisters tossing everything in their path, even striking the space center in florida. >>> mega-wow. seven overjoyed coworkers claim that $319 million prize. and we find one of the colleagues who opted out of the ticket that day. what did he say to us? >>> and, coming home. the marine who watched the birth of his first child from the battlefield with us finally gets to hold her tiny hand, right here, tonight. >>> good evening. we begin with america's milk, and that radiation from japan. all day, we have heard the reassurances that the radiation now being found in some of the u.s. milk supply is minimal and poses no risk. so, we spent this day answering some serious questions. since the radiation in some form has been found in 20 states, exactly how much has been linked to the milk and how the are experts sure that it is safe? abc's abbie boudru is at a lab in california tonight. abbie? >> reporter: diane, with radiation stil
the middle east today, as the u.s. says mommar gadhafi must go. >>> protest nation. wisconsin's two-week sit-in reaches a turning point. while riot police are called to a campus in california. >>> and reaction, letting in after a star athlete is kicked off his team for having premarital sex. >>> and good morning, everyone. i'm mike marusarz, in for rob nelson. >> and i'm peggy bunker. it's a critical day in libya, as protesters are now being urged to demonstrate their anger. that turnout could show whether mommar gadhafi has control. >> and president obama has a tough, new message for the libyan leader. emily schmidt has the details from washington. emily? >> reporter: president obama says there's a danger of a stalemate in libya that could turn bloody. so, for the first time, he's officially saying how the u.s. weighs in. there are reports of new libyan government air strikes on rebel forces trying to get reinforcements on the ground. now, the rebels are getting verbal reinforcements from washington. for the first time, president obama has publicly called on libya's leader to step down. >>
>>> making news in america this morning -- >> the u.s. is transferring command of the operation against moammar gadhafi's force in libya, just as the mission gains more arab support. >>> safety concerns about the nation's air traffic control system after one controller missed sleeping on the job. >>> and the champion dethroned. duke is dominated by arizona, as the march madness sweet 16 gets into high gear. >>> and good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us today. there is a major change in command in enforcing that no-fly zone over libya. libya -- nato has agreed to take charge of those operations. >> and the changeover from u.s. hands could take place as early as tomorrow. emily schmidt is joining us now from washington with the latest details. >> reporter: the u.s. has been cutting back on its role in this no-fly zone enforcement. in fact, just yesterday, the pentagon said 75% of the combat missions are now flown by the coalition partners. soon, this transition is going to be official. the no-fly zone over libya that has international support is now getting internationa
around human rights. he argues the u.s.-led coalition helped to avert a massacre. it would have stained the contents of the world, he said. the president has faced serious criticism. some have argued our personal interests are to avoid such conflicts and others say why are we not preventing the genocide in ivory coast instead of libya? his qualifications include not simply a defense of human rights, but the inclusion of a multilateral international alliance. he contrasted these efforts with u.s. involvement in iraq's. >> but regime to change their took eight years, thousands of american and iraqi lives and nearly a trillion dollars. that is not something we can afford to repeat in libya. >> the coalition has not supported covertly gaddafi by force, so the president will pursue political financial, and other pressures to drive gaddafi out. secretary clinton is in london with international leaders to explore those options. ben eisler, abc 7 news. >>> the japanese government says the situation at the crippled nuclear car plant is "very grave.' this comes after small amounts of highly toxic
pressure to lay clear concerns so we don't this on in definitely. try to show it is not just the u.s. but our allies nato who are very much involved in this. perhaps we will hear it the of this in a global way. if we don't show this is unacceptable for muammar gaddafi down, then other feel they have a s to do this without international community coming down on them. t that was secretary earlier thatg not in imminent and not a vital national interest. how can the usa -- how can the --. say >> a lot of people did perk up for signs are looking dissent. that was a signal not everyone is on the same page. initially president obama signaled there was not going to anything imminent and were not clear. then we had this no-fly zone, so amongis a sense isgressional leaders there clear message coming out. >> he does have going for him are makings progress. hunte will help him tomorrow night. >> that is what they will have show, that there is an alternative. just trading something, a is seen by the beingational community as unacceptable for chaos. there is the perception that these rebels have s
the 2007 shooting rampage. the u.s. education department announced yesterday that its finding the school $55,000. that is the maximum amount allowed. university officials say they acted appropriately and plan to appeal. >>> today marks the one-year anniversary of the mass shooting on south capitol street when nine people were shot. four were killed. march 30, 2010. candelight prayer vigil will be held tonight. the event is being billed as a call to action. it will begin at 6:30 at brandywine and south capitol street, se. >>> we have new developments overnight in the crisis in libya. moammar gaddafi's troops pushed back rebel fighters in two town. international leaders are weighing their options and considering whether to arm the rebels. pamela brown is tracking the latest developments from the satellite center. >> good morning. the tide is turning once again in parts of libya. rebels are retreating from gaddafi's hometown of sirte after his loyal forces pounded them with tanks and rockets. this setback spurs more debate on whether to arm the rebels. it is an option president obama and ot
for president obama as members of congress and many across this country ask, why is the u.s. part of this operation? his own defense secretary telling abc news today this is not a vital national interest. so, as the president prepares to address the nation tomorrow, can he convince americans that the u.s. should be involved in this operation? as the u.s. hands over power to nato what is the end game for american forces? and will there be a deal with gaffedy if to get him out? david kerley looefds us off at the white house tonight. david? >> reporter: good evening, david. the administration attacked the air waves today, making its case a week into the bombing of libya, a day before the president's big speech. and, even the president's own defense secretary admitted on abc's "this week" that libya did not pose a threat. >> do you think libya posed a threat to the united states? >> no, no. it was not -- it was not a vital national interest to the united states. but it was an interest. >> reporter: an interest, gates says, because gadhafi threatened to slaughter his own people. facing
one u.s. had the courage to stand up and fight this thing the court system while his heart was breaking. amidst all this legal wrangling that we are discussing today, i would ask you to remember that this is about a young iranian gave his life to our nation. let's remember -- a yacht marina gave his life to our nation. let's remember him in our prayers. my co-counsel has served our country in afghanistan. we know that our troops overseas do not worry about themselves when they are in harm's way. they worry about their families and what will happen to their families if they have to pay the ultimate sacrifice. for this -- for those troops, i have this message, while this decision is disappointing, remember that the american people believe in you. the overwhelming majority of americans recognize and honor your sacrifice. god bless you and your family and thank you for your commitment to our country. >> i want to say thank you for people who helped me out. all the military men and women do i have heard from, their families, the 48 attorney general's kusaie and -- the 48 attorne
>>> making news this thursday morning. >> u.s. troops targeted. killed at an airport by a man shouting in arabic. was it a terrorist act? >>> tales of abuse from a 90-year-old legend. mickey rooney's testimony about a growing problem. >>> and sheen's saga. new tweets from the star overnight. >>> and good morning, everyone. i'm mike marusarz, in for rob nelson. >> and i'm peggy bunker. german investigators say the frankfurt airport shooting that left two dead, could be a terrorist attack. >> those responsible will be brought to justice. emily schmidt joins us now for the waitest. >> reporter: mike and peggy, good morning to you. we're waiting to learn the names of the two aram who were killed in the attack. they were about to be deployed overseas to begin a mission. inste at least a dozen air force security personnel had arrived from england, on their way to a u.s. base in germany. law enforcement officials say the alleged gunman walked up to them, began arguing, and pulled out an automatic weapon. nine rounds later, when his gun jammed, two airmen were dead, two more wounded.
the government-controlled capital of tripoli. the u.s. insists that gaddafi is not a target. president obama says military action is based solely on enforcing the u.n. resolution. president obama expects fully that the u.s. will continue to decrease its role in this military operation in a matter of days and not weeks. it is not entirely clear who will take control of the no-fly zone enforcement. emily schmidt reporting. back to you. >> thank you. >>> president obama is calling for a new partnership between the u.s. and latin america. the president and first lady will travel to el salvador this morning. last night in santiago, the president of chile hosted a dinner for them. president obama wants expanded business between the u.s. and latin america. >>> the former minnesota governor is the first prominent republican to launch a presidential exploratory committee. there was a video posted on facebook that talks about his midwest routes and the challenges facing the country. >>> now that winter is over, the district is launching a full- scale assault on models. -- on potholes. residents are encoura
pressure from congress, president obama says the u.s. will reduce its involvement to a support role in the next few days. >>> 5:07, 41 degrees. >> still ahead a brutal attack on a woman and five children. a husband and father is facing charges. >> lindsay lohan returns to court again. does she make a decision that will keep her out of jail? and anothe >>> good morning. thanks for waking up with us. time for a check of traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> steve rudin is standing by with the latest on the weather. >>> i wish i had a better forecast in terms of milder temperatures. the good news is we will see a little sunshine later this afternoon. temperatures are chilly at 39 in gaithersburg and all the rain from last night is well to the east. there is a system moving across front royal and winchester. we expect this to break apart over the next few hours or so. i cannot rule out a chance of a few wet snowflakes to the north and west of the dc metro. not expecting accumulation. a little patchy fog at 9:00 in the morning temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. maybe it region ar
gunman or act of terror? two u.s. airmen dead after an attack at a german airport. a sign of spring. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. great to have you with us. 6:00 on this thursday, march 3. i am pamela brown. >> i am alison starling. thanks for joining us. time for traffic and weather. there's a water main break in alexandria, but let's begin with adam caskey in this crazy because of weather. >>> crazy in terms of temperatures. up again yesterday in the 60's. down again today. it's a roller-coaster ride that typical in march. beautiful outside this morning, but it is cold. 28 in the district, 19 in frederick, 21 in cumberland, 30 in lexington park. when you factor in the wind, it feels like we are in the teens. the sunshine will lock us into the low 40's this afternoon. for the high temperature downtown today. partly cloudy and cold tonight in the 20's. around 50 degrees tomorrow, garlic cloudy. chance of rain on sunday. now to lisa baden. >>> there's a crash. someone pulled over on the beltway. let's take you to liv
, are surging toward $4 per gallon. in response, u.s. officials are considering tapping into oil reserves. >> the issue of the reserves is one we are considering. it has been done in very rare occasions. >> most of us have been unable to ignore the surge in gas prices. the current national average for a gallon of gas is $3.50 per gallon. that is up 33 cents in just the past month. it is up 75 cents from a year ago. we heard william daley talk about the strategic oil reserve. can this be a substitute to? >> there are 327 million barrels, approximately that is good for what they say will be a couple of months of energy consumption for the united states. but i do not know if this will actually be a move they will make. it is a very rare thing that they do. it happens when different gulfcoast states are hit by hurricanes or when we were involved in kuwait in 1991 and 1992. the administration would be making a huge statement if they move to do it appeared >> it is a last resort for us. but the gas prices continued to rise and the obama administration is looking for other ways to respond. what
him. >> they have identified him as aaron thomas. u.s. marshals arrested him at his home friday afternoon. >> i did not know what was going on. >> the neighbors were shocked to learn that he faced sex assault, burglary, and weapons charges in connection with 17 attacks, including 12 rapes in virginia, maryland, connecticut, and rhode island. investigators say dna evidence was crucial in solving these cases. about 12 cases have been linked by dna to the same offender. >> acting on a tip, the fbi put him under surveillance a couple days ago. >> we confirmed that thomas was the east coast. this. and among the 12 cases, an 18- year-old woman raped in these woods. residents who live across the street are grateful. >> that is wonderful that our technology can do this. it is amazing. >> this is the sketch that the police have been circulating. they have not released a mug shot of thomas yet. they're hoping the victims will identify him in a lineup. he is doing court in connecticut on monday. richard reeve, abc 7 news. >>> we are on storm watch. heavy rains are on the way. the rest of t
for the u.s. in libya, the fire raged on. raining fire on moammar gadhafi's hometown of sirte. alex what can you tell us about what is happening there? >> reporter: good evening. it's early morning here in benghazi. the rebels have been aible to push it front back to the edge of town, almost 350 miles away to the hometown of gadhafi, sirte. every step along the way, you see a rag tag group of soldiers pushing west. >> at some point, they are going to meet the military and heavy weapons. they prepared if that? >> reporter: they are already seeing that. they come up to the line there is little coordination. there is little communication. cell phones don't work. there are no radios. it's clear they are full of passion. they are willing to die for the cause. it's evident they have not gotten this far without the air strikes. >> all right. stay safe there. >>> we turn to the president's speech itself. hanging over the peach were the shadows of other wars and other presidencies. president obama wanted to make sure that libya was not iraq and make sure that he is not president george bush of bill c
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